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  • Star Massager Star Massager

    Star Massager

    From $2.13
    MOQ 100
    Effective star-shaped massager designed to relieve muscle tension.
  • Vanity Card Mirror Vanity Card Mirror

    Vanity Card Mirror

    From $1.55
    MOQ 100
    Pocket-size polished stainless steel mirror which has its own PU carry sleeve. The mirror surface has a protective white film on it which must be removed before use.
  • Bamboo Toothbrush Bamboo Toothbrush

    Bamboo Toothbrush

    From $2.82
    MOQ 50
    Bamboo toothbrush which is available in both adult and kids sizes. The handle is manufactured from bamboo, a natural alternative to plastic toothbrushes which laser engraves to a natural etch. It has medium hardness nylon bristles which are BPA-free and...
  • Compact Scissors Compact Scissors

    Compact Scissors

    From $2.18
    MOQ 100
    Handy set of scissors in a compact case. They are ideal for pencil cases, first aid kits, laptop bags, or anywhere a set of scissors would come in handy and space is at a premium.
  • Swivel Nail Care Kit Swivel Nail Care Kit

    Swivel Nail Care Kit

    From $1.53
    MOQ 250
    Four nail files and buffers in a convenient foldaway kit.
  • Nail File Nail File

    Nail File

    From $1.14
    MOQ 250
    Handy nail file with both fine and coarse filing surfaces. It is presented in a sleeve for storage when not in use.
  • Promo Tissues Promo Tissues

    Promo Tissues

    From $0.89
    MOQ 250
    Pocket-size pack of 10 soft 3-ply paper tissues.
  • Compact Mirror Compact Mirror

    Compact Mirror

    From $1.10
    MOQ 250
    Affordable compact mirror with a hinged cover.
  • Bamboo Paddle Nail File Bamboo Paddle Nail File

    Bamboo Paddle Nail File

    From $1.95
    MOQ 250
    Product Description: The Bamboo Paddle Nail File has a black emery board which provides a rough surface to file your nails, with a natural cotton handle. Bamboo is a fast growing plant, which means it is less demanding on natural resources. Bamboo is a...
  • Branded Massage Ball Branded Massage Ball

    Branded Massage Ball

    From $3.20
    MOQ 100
    The Massage Ball offers a multitude of ways to relieve stress. Made of high-density polyurethane, the ball is smooth and firm, ideal for rolling on tense muscles. In addition, the ball can be bounced to induce a leisurely state and enhance well-being...
  • Glass Nail File Glass Nail File

    Glass Nail File

    From $2.42
    MOQ 150
    A glass nail file used for filing nails, making them smooth and healthy looking. Comes in a vinyl case.