Artwork Guide

At Brandconnect , we want to make sure that your logo looks its best on every item you order. To us, it is not just all about finding the right product but to ensure the product is branded to meet your style guide using the best decoration method that fits within the allocated branding area. When you submit your logo, we will work with you to find the best decoration method that meets the necessary requirements to achieve the best results!

Artwork File Formats

Computer files come in two basic types: raster files or vector files. Each has its place but matching the file suitable for a specific printing process is key to achieving a successful print job.


The Artwork Files We can Use

Vector files are the preferred format for logos and graphics as they will not lose their quality or become blurry despite how much they are scaled in size. Elements of a vector file include smooth lines defining each colour, object, and text. The sharpness of the image ensures that the final print quality can also be sharp and defined. 


These file extensions include: Adobe Illustrator .Ai files, .Eps, .Pdf, .Svg. They have often been created by your graphic designer, so if you cannot locate them, that would be the best place to start. 


We can only accept vector images for spot colour printing (pad printing, screen printing, etc). All text in your logo must be converted to outlines. PMS Colours and placed images need to be either embedded or supplied as separate files. If you have a special font, please let us have the TIFF file if it is required. 


What If I Don't Have the Correct Format? We Create Artwork Files too!

If you only have access to .Jpeg /.Bitmap /.GIF files, don’t worry, we can get our in-house graphic design team to redraw/recreate your logo for you. In some cases, recreating complex digital logos can take time and can be expensive, so there will be a small fee to cover all the costs associated with redrawing a logo. Before redrawing any logo, we will contact you to let you know if there are going to be any costs.