Sustainable today so we don't compromise tomorrow.

Brandconnect are committed to the preservation of our natural environment, and we work to ensure our business incorporates the principles of sustainability. We define sustainability as an umbrella term that includes both environmental & social impacts.

To create a more sustainable promotional merchandise industry, we aim to reduce the environmental footprint of our activities along the entire supply chain. We are aim to achieve this in two ways:

1. The nature of the products we sell.
2. Our company sustainability practices and supply chain credentials.

Sustainable promotional products

We realise that to offer a range of sustainable products we first must define what product attributes are sustainable and then apply these to our product range. Only then can customers can make an informed choice on sustainability between products.

Customers can now search our website and filter merch by the following attributes:

We define these attributes as:

While eco friendly promotional products strive to be environmentally friendly, achieving 100% eco status can be challenging due to various factors. Some products may contain small non-eco components like adhesives or packaging materials, while others might require energy-intensive manufacturing processes. However, this growing trend encourages companies to prioritise sustainability, leading to innovations in eco-friendly materials and production methods. By opting for eco promotional products, businesses like yours contribute to reducing waste, conserving resources, and promoting sustainable practices, aligning with consumers' increasing preference for environmentally conscious brands.

We plant a tree for every order!

We will plant a tree for every order via our partnership with Ecologi. Check out our forest and find out more here!.