Why You Should Buy Australian Made Promotional Items

Why You Should Buy Australian Made Promotional Items

5 Benefits of Buying Australian-Made Promotional Products

Globalisation has made it easier to buy items from other countries at lower prices. However, cheaper isn't always better. Importing goods can have significant impacts on our economy and the environment. Choosing Australian-made items is still the best option for your company. Here’s why: 

Boosts Economy

When you buy local Australian-made products, the money you spend goes back into the community and generates income for the national economy. A better economy means more jobs and income for industries, which benefits local families and communities. According to The Clean Collective, every $1 million earned by a local Australian manufacturing business provides:

- $333,900 in tax revenue 

- $985,000 in added value 

- $95,000 in welfare benefits saved 

- 10 full-time jobs

So if everyone spends just $10 more each week on local products and services, Australia could earn $4 billion each year and create 100,000 new jobs

Guaranteed Product Quality

Australian made promotional products are manufactured to meet our range of high-quality and safety standards and National Construction Codes. These standards are strictly enforced by governing bodies to protect people’s health and well-being. With imported items which are not sourced through an APPA member, you can’t be sure of the quality since some countries don’t have strict standards like ours.

Fair Treatment of Workers

Australia has high standards for workplace health and safety enforced by regulation, unlike other countries. This ensures that locally made items are produced by happy workers who are treated and compensated fairly in a safe working environment.

More Environmentally Friendly

We have some of the world’s strictest environmental protection policies for manufacturers. You’ll be sure that when you buy local products, they have been manufactured sustainably. It also means less energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions compared to importing products from overseas.

Easier Warranty and Return Policy

Another challenge with buying imported items is dealing with warranties or returning items if they’re defective. With local companies such as Brandconnect, it is easy to get in touch with us when things go wrong, and we are more than happy to provide the help and service that you need without the hassle of time differences.

In summary, choosing Australian-made products supports our economy, guarantees quality, ensures fair worker treatment, is environmentally friendly, and provides easier warranty and return processes. It’s a smart and responsible choice for your company.

27th Jun 2024

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